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Pfefferle Lawns is committed to providing great service for a great price. We truly appreciate all of our customers and look forward to servicing you in the future.


Cut | Weed | Trim | Mulch

With Pfefferle Lawns rest assured that your property investment will be kept to its maximum potential so that you may enjoy your home from inside to out.  


Dream | Build | Restore

A great landscape can transform your house into the home you have been longing for, while increasing your property value. 


Stones | Patio | Courtyard

Looking to add a patio, courtyard, mason structure, or maybe even a fireplace or water fountain?  The right material to create the space you desire.

Outdoor Living

Fire Pits | Kitchens | Bar

Why spend your days inside when you can enjoy a resort like feel in your own yard?  With outdoor living the possibilities are endless. 


Water Systems | Automation

More and more of our clients are opting for irrigation as well to ensure their lawn and landscape thrive all year round, rain or no rain!


Patio | Walkways | Sculptures

Often thought of as a luxury item, landscape lighting is actually very affordable and really makes your landscape a winner every night, all night! 

Pressure Washing

Dirt | Mold | Mildew | Algae

Do you clean the inside of your home but sometimes forget about the outside? Dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and algae could be taking over your home and patio. 


Surface Drainage | Subsurface Drainage

Proper drainage is essential to your home’s health.  Water from all sources should always drain away from the property. 

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Total lawn and landscape service with over 30+ years of experience, we are dedicated to New Orleans Metro area!

Pfefferle Lawns will ensure that your property investment will be kept to its maximum potential so that you may enjoy your home from inside to out. Our team is here for you year round!

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